Days of Worth

By paul

PT: Can I have all your full names, what you each do in the band and your ages please?
DOW: Simon Ellis Griffiths(Vocals), Alex Jarczok (guitar), Chris Gane (guitar), Kerry Lambert (Bass) and Andy Green (drums)

PT: Can I please have a brief history of how you came to be a band? As the band developed, which artists influenced your sound?
DOW: We had all been in bands together or had written together at one point or another, apart from Andy, who was pointed in our direction by a friend of a friend. Days of Worth was born out of a desire for all of us to play the music we wanted to hear, rather than to try and be part of any particular scene. All our lives we had been in very genre-specific bands, and we just wanted to get away from that kind of restriction.

PT: Describe the Days of Worth live experience in one sentence please.
DOW: Fun for all the fuckin’ family

PT: I read a review where someone described you as ‘nu-emo’, would you say that was fair?
DOW: Jesus, no. People need to stop making up pigeon-holes for bands when they sound a bit different. I mean, what the fuck is Nu-emo? What the fuck are any of these little sub-genre pigeon holes? Why can’t bands be able to develop into something different without being given a label that people will draw the wrong conclusions from? Over the last few years, we have been described in so many different and random ways, none of which describe us all that well. We’re proud to be different.

PT: Do you like being tagged into a genre or do you think it restricts bands from developing? Do you think genre boundaries have become nothing more than lazy journalism?
DOW: See last question!… No, we hate it, and yes, yes, YES it restricts bands, particularly British bands.

PT: How would you describe the new record to someone who hasn’t heard it yet? How was the recording process?
DOW: The recording process changed constantly, due to budget. We recorded the whole thing in about four weeks down near Southampton, and I recorded the vocals at our producer Martin (Wright)’s house in Golders Green. That took about two months on and off. Then our situation changed, and we ended up mixing the album in L.A with Ben Grosse. We couldn’t have planned for our album to have been done the way it was. It was an organic, real thing and I think it really shows in the finished work. It’s turned out very different from how we thought it would, but we couldn’t be happier with it. Massive songs. You’ll love the fuckin’ thing.

PT: You’ve had a lot of airplay on Radio 1 and XFM so far for ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ – are you pleased with the reaction it has got from fans and critics alike so far?
DOW: The reaction to Ladies and Gentlemen and to Take me Through have been great. Yeah, we’re very pleased, pleased that so many people seem to like what we’re trying to do with British rock.

PT: How does the songwriting process work? Who writes the lyrics and who comes up with the music itself?
DOW: Our songs always start off with a killer riff from either Alex, Chris or Kerry, and we just build it up from there. I’m lucky to be working with three awesome riff writers… the healthy competition between them always insures that our songs are packed with cracking guitar riffs. The lyrics are my thing. That’s what I do, and it’s more important to me than anything else.

PT: Why did you decide to make the last single a free download?
DOW: It just seemed like a cool way to introduce people to what we do. And it worked, because no matter where we play in this country, there’s always people singing along.

PT: Any funny on the road anecdotes that you can share please?
DOW: You kind of had to be there, man…

PT: Do you have any views on the UK music scene at all?
DOW: That’s a long, long conversation that we should have another time.

PT: If you could change any one thing about the music industry, what would it be and why?
DOW: I’d give more support and funding to indie labels. They are the future.

PT: Any festival appearances this year? What are your future touring plans?
DOW: We want to be touring constantly, that’s the plan. As for festivals, we’ll see what happens. We may have to break n’ enter…

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