Days Like These

By paul

Paul: Can I have all your full names, what you each do in the band and your ages
Mark: Angel Santiago – vocals – 20
Brad Harrsion – guitar/vocals – 20
Mark Hooven – bass – 20
Derrick Miller – guitar – 19
Ron Segers – drums – 21
Chris Applegate – keyboards – 22

Paul: Can I please have a brief history of how Days Like These came to be a band?
Mark: Days Like These came together in early 2001. A few lifelong friends had come together to rock some local shows and maybe more. A few member additions later here we are, days like these.

Paul: Can you explain any line-up changes and were any of you in other bands together ‘back in the day’?
Mark: As with any band, we went through about a 6 month “coming together”. The most recent member is Chris, who has been in the band since May of 2003. The rest of us have been together for a few years. For me and brad there were bands before days like these but nothing very serious.

Paul: Which bands influence your sound?
Mark: Incubus, Recover, Glassjaw, Radiohead, Thrice, Further Seems Forever, Blindside, Dave Matthews Band. If you really want to know, we will listen to honestly anything we can get our hands on.

Paul: Why did you decide to call the new album ‘Charity Burns Green’?
Mark: Charity Burns Green is a song very near and dear to our hearts. It dicusses some of the ways of the world. It’s a look at the human condition and why we as do the things we do. we feel this is almost a taboo in todays world. “Charity Burns Green” is our way of speaking out.

Paul: How would you describe your new record to someone who hasn’t heard it?
Mark: A fresh rock sound made simple enough for everyone to comprehend.

Paul: You signed to Lobster Records, how did that come about?
Mark: Lobster had heard a demo of ours and got in touch with us right before the summer of 2002. Some of us werent even out of high school at this point. We went out in the summer of 2002 to meet and play for them and now we’re proud to be a part of the Lobster family.

Paul: Which band on the label would you consider to be the best and which band is probably your best buddys?
Mark: This is a hard question to pick a favorite for but my personal best would be Park. Our best buds are definitely our boys in A Small Victory. Repin’ the ATL. sup dugans?!?!

Paul: Who produced the record and what was the recording experience like compared to your previous releases?
Mark: Our record was produced by Darian Rundall. Darian has worked w/ bands like Yellowcard and Pennywise in the past. The recording experience was very humbling, but also it was great time for us to take in everything we could learn about recording, music, and ourselves as individual musicians and as a whole.

Paul: How does the songwriting process work? Who writes the lyrics and who comes up with the music itself?
Mark: Songwriting is usually spawned from one or two of us with an idea. If we all like the idea we begin to etch out a defined verse, chorus, bridge, and sometimes other things such as pre choruses, intros, post choruses, interludes, etc. Depending on what we as “self-producers” believe could be beneficial to the song structure. Angel is a key member when it comes to writing lyrics. He’s the singer, so unless theres a point one of us needs to get across he usually takes care of the lyrics. Mainly because if he’s writing lyrics there will be much feeling and sincerity in them when he sings.

Paul: What is the most memorable gig that you have played and why?
Mark: We played the Dont Look Down cd release show at the theater of the living arts in Philadelphia, PA. It’s the biggest venue we’ve played to date and with about 500 kids there.

Paul:You’re from New Jersey, a scene which has obviously got a lot of press because of bands like Brand New, TBS and all those bands. Do you share an affinity with any of them? Is the scene really all it’s cracked up to be?
Mark: It feels good to say we’re from Jersey because we know we’re in good company. Just around when we were signing with Lobster a lot of the NJ bands that are big now were getting to that point. We havent met too many, but hopefully we’ll cross paths with some big names pretty soon. As far as a scene goes, new jersey is the place to be. There are shows constantly happening all around which makes it great for the kids to have somewhere to go and a forum to meet other music fans.

Paul: Any funny on the road anecdotes that you can share please?
Mark: Since we’ve begun touring, Angel has lost 2 pillows and 1 sleeping bag. We also are crazy for ultimate frisbee.

Paul: Define ‘success’ for Days Like These?
Mark: Success for us would be to get our music out to everyone we possibly can and just to keep moving forward as a band, and as friends. The bottom line, to be able to make music forever.

Paul: What other plans do you have for 2004? A trip to the UK in there anywhere?
Mark: Summer tour dates are on the way. After a few US trips im sure we’ll be hitting overseas. See you guys soon.

Paul: If you wish to add anything please leave it here:
Mark: Thanks for checking out days like these. Pick up the debut full length LP “Charity Burns Green” in stores or at and check us out on the web at . later on cats

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