Bring Me The Horizon

By Tom Aylott

I caught up with Lee Malia and Matt Nichols from Bring Me The Horizon backstage at the Concorde 2 before their show last night.

PT: How you guys doing tonight?
MN: Yeah man really cool. This is like the tenth date of the tour and it’s been so much fun already. It’s really cool to be doing a massive tour like this – we’ve got another ten or so dates left then we’re supporting LostProphets on theirs.
LM: yeah it worked out pretty sweet – we finish ours then hop on the road with LostProhets so we’ve got a lot going on.

PT: You’ve met the LP guys before. You guys enjoy hanging out with them?
MN: They’re really cool guys – really fun to be around.

PT: On this tour you had Abigail Williams supporting but they had to drop off. What was the deal with that?
MN: About four days into the tour their drummer just did something to his wrist and way just like ‘I can’t play at all’ so they had to pull out. We’ve got Centurion in their place now which is really cool – they’re awesome guys, but it’s a shame Abigail Williams had to go home. Centurion are like locals from Brighton, and we’ve played with them before and we get on really well.

PT: The sound of Bring Me the Horizon is pretty unique in a way – you mix the heavy metal influence with the more hardcore/screamo stuff. It’s really opened up a lot of kids’ eyes to different types of music they wouldn’t usually listen to.
MN: Yeah, it’s sweet. We really enjoy what we do and we’re so pleased that people are into it as much as we are. It kind of feels like it’s paying off at the minute. We’ve basically been doing non-stop shows since we started so it’s great to be in the position we are now.

PT: It must be cool for you to hang out and play with some big-name bands that influence you.
MN: Yeah, bands like Aiden, The Red Chord and Bleeding Through. It’s been wicked. Red Chord were one of our main influences when we started so it’s great to be able to play with bands that have influenced us so much.

PT: What kind of bands do you listen to at the moment? Is it still the more hardcore-orientated acts?
MN: Pretty much what we’ve always listened to, to be honest. Because we’re surrounded by heavy music, we don’t tend to listen to it all that much anymore. We’re all into classic rock and mellower stuff too, bands like Journey.
LM: Yeah when we’re not doing this, it’s a breath of fresh air to chill out with some more laid back music you know. I’m quite into hip-hop as well which is just a complete change of pace from what we do onstage.

PT: How was last night’s fancy dress show in London?
LM: Yeah it was cool. It was weird seeing the whole crowd dressed up, but it was a lot of fun. It was probably the best gig we’ve ever played. It were amazing.
MN: It sold out so quickly. I mean there were six bands on the bill, and every one of them were amazing. It was a sweet line up – Gallows were awesome.

PT: Did you guys get into the spirit of things too?
MN: Yeah! I went as Superman!
LM: I was Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Oli was Scooby Doo. Curtis went in chicken outfit, but then he put some shorts on so it looked a bit weird. He didn’t really make the effort like everyone else!
MN: Our bass player just went covered in blood which looked pretty sweet. He couldn’t be arsed to buy an outfit!

PT: Alright guys, it’s been good to chat with you. Hope you have a good show.
MN: Cheers
LM: Yeah Nice One

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