Billy Talent

By paul

Andy spoke to Ian D’Sa (guitar) and Ben Kowalewicz(vocals) from Billy talent before their set at Reading Festival ‘09.

PT: Reading again, guys. How has your day been so far?

Ben: So far so good! The weather’s been very indecisive but we’ve got to see a couple of bands already, hang out and see a couple of old friends, so definitely going well.

PT: The first time you were here was 2003 playing on the tiny Carling stage. Headlining the Lock Up Stage tonight – you’ve come a long way since then!

Ben: Yeah, it’s been a long uphill battle as much of our career is, but that’s how we roll – we take the slow, hard way usually!

Ian: We’re a little bummed that we’re going up against Faith no More, first because we want to see them and second because, you know – it’s Faith No More. But you know we have our friends in Anti-Flag and Bouncing Soul on the same stage as us, so we’re in very good company!

PT: What are your best memories of Reading and Leeds?

Ian: I remember the first time we played here we were all incredibly hungover, they called it the ‘Billy Talent sick day!’ Last time we were here was the Main Stage set, and we have great memories of that. There’s always good memories at Reading!

PT: Well Billy Talent ‘III’ is out now. What was the writing and recording process like this time around?

Ian: Well it took us like eight months of writing, then we started working on preproduction, then we went into the studio with Brendan O’Brien and knocked it out in five weeks!

Ben: It was a very quick process which is good, because usually we’re very methodical. This time we were encouraged to move along quickly as it were, which makes you learn to trust your gut a little more. It’s a better way to do it I think.

PT: How would you say the album compares to ‘I’ and ‘II’?

Ian: Well it’s definitely a much heavier sounding record – it’s a lot bigger, a lot louder but it still has our signature sound.

PT: You’re back in October and playing Brixton again – your last headline show there was something of a blinder. How are you going to top it this time round?

Ben: Well you don’t really try to top – you just try to sustain. Cancer Bats will be there with us and they’re a great band, and we’ve heard nothing but good things about Canterbury, so hopefully it’ll be a ball!

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