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Fresh off the back of touring the UK with A Day To Remember and Pierce The Vein, we sent some questions over to BAYSIDE to hear their thoughts on the new record, ‘Killing Time’ and find out what it’s like to get booed by some angry Scots…

Hello! please state your name and the role you play in Bayside.

I am Anthony and I sing and play guitar in Bayside.

Where are you in the world and what is on the cards today?

I am in Adelaide, Australia and I’ve actually had a very interesting day. We played a festival and I watched Slayer, Primus, New Found Glory, Gaslight Anthem and Dimmu Borgir.

You guys recently wrapped up touring the UK with A Day To Remember and Pierce The Veil. How was the tour overall?

We had a great time. We have known the A Day To Remember guys for a long time and it was great to hang with them again. We met Pierce The Veil for the first time on this tour and they were really cool guys. The crowds were a little funny at times but for the most part I think it went well. Not sure we are A Day To Remember fans’ cup of tea exactly.

We understand that on the first couple of shows you didn’t receive the best reception. How did you deal with the hostile reception, and what would you say to those people that were booing you now?

We have been doing this for a pretty long time and we have had great receptions and hostile ones. You learn to tune it out and keep in mind that there are people enjoying it and that you have to put on a show for them. We understand that a) those kids have a heavier taste in music at this point in their lives and we’re not the heaviest band and b) A Day To Remember are a very big band and those people are anxiously waiting to see their favourite band. We have been booed in the States and come back to that city and had thousands of kids cheering. Things go in cycles and you can’t concern yourself too much with what is happening at the time.

What would you say was the best date of the tour and why?

The German shows were my favourite I guess, mainly because of the response we were getting. As far as the UK goes, I would have to say that getting to play Brixton Academy was pretty great just because of all the history there.

Now the new record, ‘Killing Time’. It’s your first release since parting ways with Victory Records. Did you leave things on good terms?

I’m pretty sure we did. We haven’t spoke much since we signed to Wind Up but there were no blow out arguments or legal threats from either side. I guess that’s the best you can hope for when it comes to splitting up anything.

When you first started working towards ‘Killing Time’, were you nervous about going out on your own after leaving a place that was your home for so long?

No, I don’t think so. We were excited about starting something new and seeing where this next road is going to take us. You can’t live within the same boundaries for too long when it comes to being creative. You have to stir shit up sometimes.

How did you come to team with Wind-Up Records for the new album’s release?

We met with a lot of different labels and listened to what they all had to say. The thing that drew us to Wind Up was the attention they put on music and making records. A lot of labels were talking about everything they could do with a record that is made but Wind Up was the one talking about how we can make the best record.

You recorded it under the watchful eyes of Gil Norton (Foo Fighters/Counting Crows/The Pixies). How was he to work with compared to previous producers? Did he work you to the bone to get the best out of you?

We definitely worked long and hard on the album but I never thought of it as being worked to the bone. I guess [that’s] a testament to how great a producer Gil is. He knew how to get the best out of us without making it feel like we were being whipped. He really is brilliant. I think he’s the best rock producer of our time.

How do you think Bayside as a band has progressed since ‘Shudder’? Do you think ‘Killing Time’ will come as a surprise to long-time fans of the band?

As a band I think we have just gotten better as song writers with every album. We try and push more boundaries with every record. I honestly don’t think the record would be a surprise to long time fans. We never try to re-define who we are. We like the Bayside sound as much as the oldest fans do. We just try to improve on it. I personally think ‘Killing Time’ fits in neatly with our whole catalogue.

Is the album’s title a reference to the length of time it’s taken to get it out, or something completely different?

It definitely has a lot to do with our current status as a band but also a lot about the meanings of the songs. The record is really about waiting for the next great step in your life. As a band we have been waiting for the opportunity to make a record like this forever; to be able to spend a whole year writing the songs and to work on it until we think it’s perfect. Also, each song is waiting for new beginnings. Ending of eras and beginnings of new ones. You’re always killing time waiting for the next thing.

Which songs on the record are you proudest of and why?

I would have to say ‘Mona Lisa’ just because I set out to write a song that was extremely complicated but sounded simple and catchy, which isn’t easy to do. I think I pulled it off. A lot of times it’s easier to keep things simple to be catchy or sacrifice hooks to be more interesting. I have read some things where people have said that we wrote that to be radio friendly or that it’s ‘dumbed down’ but actually it’s pretty musically insane. I think that’s a big accomplishment.

Are there any on there you’re not 100% happy with, or would change in any way if you could?

As of now there [aren’t]. Usually there [are] but we got to spend so much time fine-tuning these songs and recording them that we weren’t leaving the studio until we thought they were perfect. So far, I still think they are.

Thank you for taking the time to talk. Finally, what are your top five ways of killing time?

Read, listen to music, watch baseball, eat, go for walks.

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