Audio Karate


Ross : So, how the hell are you?
Jason : Very good! How are you doin?
Ross : I’m not bad. I enjoyed the show!
Jason : Thankyou very much

Ross: How was the journey over here?
Jason : It was …. Er … Art!
Art : What? Whats up? Whats the question?
Jason : How was the journey over here?
Art : It was long! 10 hours in a plane, I didn’t sleep
Jason : But we got to see Signs, and Bourne Identity and Scooby Doo.

Ross : What do you think of Sheffield then?
Jason : It’s really cool
Art : Rad. Everybody’s really cool
Jason : Much better than the Usa. Much better
Ross : Ha! You don’t seem to like your home country!?!
Jason : No, aside from Orange County, California, everywhere else is, er ….
Art : Yeh, if they don’t like you they don’t admit it
Jason : Yeh, cus they all have bands

Ross :You’re touring Europe over the next few months. Anywhere you’re looking forward to going?
Jason : We got 2 weeks, then we got another 3 weeks next month

Ross : What are you doing for Christmas?
Jason : I dunno
Art : Getting drunk!
Jason : Lots of Eggnog with Rum! And hang out with family

Ross : What’s it like touring with the Vandals and having them as you’re label bosses?
Jason : Great
Art : Great. They’re very old
Jason : It’s like touring with your uncles band!
Art : But the uncles who like to party though!
Jason : Not the lame uncle. The uncle who gets drunk and insults all the family members! That’s the Vandals right there

Ross : We all have one of them! Who’s your favourite band on Kung Fu at the moment?
Art : On Kung Fu? Tsunami Bomb
Jason : Yeh, Tsunami Bomb right now

Ross : Favourite band full stop?
Jason : No Knife!
Art : Radiohead
Enter an over excited and probably very drunk Gabriel!
Gabriel : NO KNIFE!
Art : and E.L.O
Gabriel : E.L.O … Laaaagwagon, No Knife …. E.L.O
Jason : Are you drunk?!
Ross : And a little over excited!
Gabriel : (shouts something incomprehensible)

Ross : So I hear you’re Nintendo freaks
Jason : Yeh!
Ross : What are you playing at the moment?
Jason : Playstation 2. Ha ha!
Gabriel : You know what? Our games don’t play on Playstations over here dude
Ross : Go and buy some!
Gabriel : I’ve got no money dude!
Ross : Go and steal some … ?!
Gabriel : I’ve lost my wallet!
Ross : A good night all round!
Jason : Ha. Yeh

Ross : Jason, you’re a sucker for guitar solo’s as well. Any axe heroes?
Jason : Randy Rhoades! And Gary Moore from Thin Lizzy, he’s pretty bad ass. And Gabriel Camacho from Audio Karate! He’s a drummer but, he writes all my solo’s! I can’t fucking claim them

Ross : You’re on the new Plea for Peace compilation. What’s your view on the current shambles with Iraq?
Art : It’s exactly that!
Jason : Yeh
Art : No comment! If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, great!
Jason : That’s ignorant talk! Heh. I’m old enough to get drafted, I think it’s bullshit
Ross : Is that why you’re over here?
Jason : Ha! Yeh
Gabriel : I don’t know shit, you don’t know shit
Ross : Hey, the people in charge don’t even know shit!
Art : We got a lotta money, they’re a bunch of poor people. We shouldn’t be bombing these people

Ross : Any final thoughts before we go … in the rain
Jason : Thank you Punktastic! And England rocks!
Art : We love you people
Ross : You better come back!
Jason : Oh we will
Gabriel : We’ll be back dude!
Jason : Who would you like us to bring?
Ross : Bring Thrice! Thrice ….
Jason : (goes into screamy, throaty impression of Thrice front man Dustin Kensrue) Blargh la gah gah! I put all my trust in them!
Art : Is this your Thrice impression? It’s Dustin!
Ross : It’s quite uncanny, anyone would think they were here with me now!
Art : We’ll bring Dustin, we’ll bring Teppei and Dustin!

Ross : Well thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the tour!
Jason : Oh we will! Liverpool next! Is Liverpool better than Sheffield?
Ross : God no! Sheffield is clearly the centre of the country
Jason : Ha ha. Cheers for being so rockin
Ross : Seeya later

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