By paul

PT: Hi Jason, please can you give me a very brief description of AR for anyone who has yet to hear your new band.
AR: Well well. It’s a litte rock, a lot of roll, some funk and jam…. lots of synth. Atmosphere and groove. Heavy ambience with bright cynicism. Pop, both power and otherwise. A lot of fun.

PT: How did you hook up with Equal Vision?
AR: I introduced myself to Dan Sandshaw at a video shoot, and asked him if he would sign my band. We’ve been pretty tight ever since. EVR may be the best label in the world. We’re honored to be on a label that cares so much for their artists, and the art they create.

PT: I just want to ask a few questions chronologically. Going back a few years, how did you come to be in Further Seems Forever? Did it feel daunting having to step into Chris’ shoes at the time? Did it initially feel weird singing someone else‘s songs?
AR: I joined the band through an audition. I really just loved the music so much that any thoughts of Chris weren’t very relevant to what I wanted to do. Not to mention Chris and I are very different singers with very different desires. I very much admire his work on The Moon Is Down, which inspired me to sing those songs as my own.

PT: Do you look back on your time in FSF favourably? Did you learn any lessons about being in a band you have put into practice with ActionReaction?
AR: I do. Mostly. I am very proud of the work that we did together. And the bad stuff you learn to forgive and forget. Further taught me everything I could ever need to know about being in a band. What you need, and what you don’t.

PT: I’ve read a few reviews where writers and fans have called you FSF’s best vocalist – does this surprise you?
AR: I guess its just a matter of taste as all of their singers were more than competant.

PT: Why did you leave FSF? Was it something out of the blue or something that you’d wanted to do for a while? Do you think there;s a reason why the band went through some many vocalists?
AR: I think the second question kinda answers the first. Completely irrational behaviour on a daily basis. Mistrust. Fights. Anger. Jelousy. A very unhealthy relationship.

PT: Were you involved in the recent best of/the new DVD the band are doing? Did you see the band’s performance with Chris at Bamboozle? How did it feel when you heard the band’s intentions?
AR: I believe the band still harbors bad feelings towards me. I’ve now talked to the label putting the dvd out, and was told the band did not wish for me to participate. As far as the best of that was released I was not contacted or mentioned in the credits. And to be honest I just feel it’s a little selfish. The only people they are hurting is the fans. Maybe in time.

PT: Moving back towards the present, AR isn’t your first project since quitting FSF is it? Was Sunken Ship a real project or just something to help get the creative juices flowing?
AR: A little of both.

PT: How did you meet your fellow AR band members? They were in Element 101, right?
AR: The first tour I did in further was with Element. Oh yeah and I’m married to Bella.

PT: AR are clearly influenced by a wide range of bands. Which would you say are your personal influences?
AR: There always changing. I can’t keep up. I really love that new Brazilian Girls record “talk to la bomb”.

PT: Why is 3 the Magic Number?
AR: A true magician never tells his secrets.

PT: I read an interview where you described Tooth and Nail as “run by Satan” and that you had “the worst experience with that label”. What problems did you experience with them? I guess this must be one of the reasons why, with your FSF and Element 101 links, you didnt opt to stay with T&N with AR?
AR: EqualVisionRecords is amazing!

PT: The response to the album so far seems to be great – thousands of plays on myspace, some very solid reviews…has this surprised you at all?
AR: We believe in our songs whole heartedly, and are very happy with all the amazing reviews.

PT: What is your stance on myspace and the mp3? Do you think it’s a bad thing, what with file-sharing and all, or an essential tool for bands to get their name out across the world with the click of a mouse?
AR: Double-edged sword. That’s all I know. I do know that mp3s sound like shit though. Kind of disheartening seeings all the work we go through to get it to sound good.

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