Roger Harvey, Cheap Girls, & The Loved Ones @ Cobra Lounge – Chicago

Almost 10 years ago to the day, I caught the Loved Ones for the first time while they were on tour with NOFX and the Lawrence Arms. It was a memorable show because I snuck backstage and hung out with the bands. Then I stole beer out of NOFX’s dressing room for my friends who had to wait while I was on an adventure. It was a blast.

Flash forward 10 years and I was able to relive that evening. Granted, I live in a different city and I didn’t ditch my friends to go on an adventure, but the part where I saw the Loved Ones play happened. It was really something special to catch up with the band after their recent decline in activity. Keep Your Heart is still one of my favorite records and holds up very well on stage. I only wish I wasn’t old enough to know better on matters of trespassing. But, I guess since I can buy my own beer and work for a music publication, I don’t need to sneak backstage to talk to my favorite bands anymore. Ahhh memories.


By Mat Stokes