On The Road with Moose Blood, The Winter Passing & Greywind

In their triumphant homecoming, Moose Blood hit the road in mid-April alongside Irish upstarts The Winter Passing and Greywind, capping off their ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time’ chapter and launching into the next; their set featuring two new tracks including recent single, ‘Honey’.

Alongside the showcase of new Moose Blood material, the dates also saw The Winter Passing play to their largest crowds, touring on the back of last year’s ‘A Different Space Of Mind’. Opening up for both, brother and sister duo Greywind took to stages for the very first time, matching their pop-rock with bags of showmanship.

We hitched along for the ride, taking some candid shots of their on-stage antics as well as behind-the-scenes. With them for shows in Southampton, London, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leeds and Manchester, we delve inside one of the most exciting UK tours of the year so far in 49 photos.

By Joe Sheridan