La Escalera Fest 7 – Thursday Night @ Soda Bar, San Diego

“Without each other, we have nothing!” That simple statement provides the mission statement for La Escalera Records, and has guided it for the past seven years. La Escalera began as a collection of like-minded punk bands up and down the West Coast of the United States, bands that helped each other book tours, providing places to play and places to stay. San Diego’s Will Castro and Ziggy Pelayo took the next step and started the record label to put out music from these bands, and a year later invited a few of the bands to San Diego for the first La Escalera Fest. Since that first year, the fest has grown.

The First night of La Escalera Fest 7 focused primarily on bands with a harder edge, with New Orleans’ Pears headlining a show that included their hometown friends High, Fat By The Gallon from Dallas, and a raft of Southern California locals.

By Paul Silver