Dum Cumpsters, Glen Meadmore And The Kuntry Band, New Swears @ The Tower Bar, San Diego

A recent Friday night was queercore night at San Diego’s Tower Bar. Well, at least partially. Local band Dum Cumpsters bends plenty of genders with their hard-edged punk music, while Los Angeles’ Glen Meadmore And The Kuntry Band describe themselves as “gay Christian punk.” It’s an accurate description, blending cowpoke country, Ramones inspired punk, homo-centric lyrics, and a love for the only man who could fill the gaping holes in their lives, Jesus. The band includes actor/singer Meadmore and former Devo drummer David Kendrick. The odd men out this night were Ottawa, Ontario’s New Swears, one of the best party punk bands you’ll ever see live. Their sexual orientation wasn’t overtly on display, and rumor has it they’re actually straight, but no one held that against them.

By Paul Silver