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From Wednesday 14 March 2018

Titus Andronicus – ‘A Productive Cough’

Titus Andronicus are back with their latest, ‘A Productive Cough’, having made an obvious departure from the punk rock anthems of 2015’s ‘Most Lamentable Tragedy’ to take a more soulful approach for their second album on Merge Records. Fear not, it’s still the same worn voice of singer songwriter, Patrick

Thursday 04 January 2018

Titus Andronicus announce new album, ‘A Productive Cough’

Titus Andronicus have announced the release of their upcoming fifth album, ‘A Productive Cough’. It will be released on the 2nd March via Merge Records. The band have also released a video for the first single, ‘Number One (In New York)’, which you can view below. photo: Ray Concepcion

Friday 29 July 2016

Watch the full Titus Andronicus ‘S+@DIUM ROCK’ concert

Typing the word “concert” feels odd. But then again, “gig” doesn’t quite sum up the Titus Andronicus experience, not least when their latest opus ‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy’ is a rock opera. The almost forty-five minute live extravaganza is now available to view in full, celebrating the release of the

Thursday 23 June 2016

Titus Andronicus reveal new track, ’69 Stones’

Taken from this year’s ‘S+@DIUM ROCK: Five Nights at the Opera’ live album, Titus Andronicus have unveiled the previously unreleased ’69 Stones’ – an outtake from their ‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy’ record. The country inspired track discusses “the weight that we all carry and the biological imperatives which keep us

Friday 03 June 2016

Titus Andronicus reveal double-track live video

The ever-eccentric Titus Andronicus have revealed the double video for ‘Sun Salutation’ and ‘ Part V’, both taken from their rock-opera ‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy’ as well as their forthcoming live album, ‘S+@DIUM ROCK’. The latter is due on the 29th July via Merge. “‘ Part V’ was

Wednesday 04 May 2016

Titus Andronicus to release ‘S+@DIUM ROCK’ live-album

Progressive and expansive post-punks Titus Andronicus will be releasing a set of eleven like tracks as ‘S+@DIUM ROCK’ on the 29th July. Its release follows last year’s ‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy’, the band’s triple LP rock opera. The live record, which will also be available from the 5th August on

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Titus Andronicus reveal get orchestral on their ‘Fired Up’ remix

How would Titus Andronicus describe their string section led remix of ‘Fired Up’? Grandma friendly, that’s how. But there’s an ominous, slightly unsettling atmosphere to the track that might just make grandma wee herself a little. Not least with Patrick Stickles’ vocals packing even more of a punch with

Monday 16 November 2015

Titus Andronicus announce free London show tomorrow

Titus Andronicus will make a last minute stop off at London’s Old Blue Last tomorrow, 17th November 2015. “One of our favourite bands in the entire world are coming to play a show at The Old Blue,” the venue announced this morning. “Last and best of all it’s completely free