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From Tuesday 14 January 2020

AJJ – ‘Good Luck Everybody’

A new year is meant to bring optimism. We speak of turning over a new leaf, make resolutions to better ourselves, and attempt to cut out those bad habits – that’s how it’s meant to be, or at least that’s what we like to think. Then, the

Sunday 08 December 2019

LIVE: Tiger Army @ Club Academy, Manchester

It’s been three long years since Tiger Army last visited these shores. Pioneers among the punkabilly genre, today the band that ‘never dies’ is a refined beast spinning yarns of country music and old fashioned rock and roll. The brainchild of Bay Area punk scene stalwart

Sunday 01 December 2019

LIVE: PUP / Sløtface @ Stylus, Leeds

There are many things to love about PUP. Whether its their triumphant live shows, poignant, beautifully crafted angry punk, their brutal honesty, or just their relentless drive to prove every doubter wrong, there’s a reason why they are one of the most exciting bands on the punk

Monday 18 November 2019

LIVE: Martha / Orchards @ Gorilla, Manchester

“It’s really shit out there at the moment, but at least there’s good rock music,” Martha’s JC Cairns proclaims, and tonight’s line-up highlights that there’s never been truer words said. The County Durham punks headline a show that encapsulates a room full of people completely infatuated with

Wednesday 13 November 2019

LIVE: Charly Bliss @ Deaf Institute, Manchester

Upon the release of their sophomore record ‘Young Enough’, Charly Bliss lead singer Eva Hendricks was asked about the sudden departure from their indie rock sound. Hendricks explained that they didn’t want to stick to a specific genre and were happy to follow their creativity with each

Thursday 07 November 2019

LIVE: Thrice / Refused @ Academy 1, Manchester

Tonight is Halloween, and it’s also meant to be the day the UK leaves the European Union. Everywhere you look there are ghouls, hooded figures looking for treats, haunting images of impending doom at every turn… And then there’s all the Halloween stuff. Brexit hasn’t happened,

Thursday 24 October 2019

LIVE: Alice Cooper / The Stranglers @ First Direct Arena, Leeds

“I put on my Facebook this morning, ‘I’ve got tickets to Alice fucking Cooper’, hell yeah”, I overhear an excited gentlemen mention to his friend moments before the curtain raises. There’s a fevered anticipation building in Leeds’ LED-light clad First Direct Arena, usually reserved for the latest

Friday 18 October 2019

White Reaper – ‘You Deserve Love’

As we enter the depths of winter, there is a certain beauty about an album with the vibrant feel of a summer soundtrack. When the nights begin to draw in and the sunny days feel few and far between, White Reaper are on hand to provide a

Friday 04 October 2019

The Menzingers – ‘Hello Exile’

“What kind of monsters did our parents vote for?”, Greg Barnett asks, moments into The Menzingers’ latest edition of punching you right in the feels. Settle in, because the Philadelphia four-piece are going to once again effortlessly capture the zeitgeist at which their audience is currently scratching

Monday 30 September 2019

LIVE: Petrol Girls / Jake & The Jellyfish @ Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

In a darkened basement, under the gaze of a stitched together flag bearing the words “no love for a nation”, Petrol Girls are calling for the start of a revolution. It is a call for a better world where people are allowed to live their lives free