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From Wednesday 09 November 2022

L.S. Dunes – ‘Past Lives’

Throughout the history of music, so-called “supergroups” have had mixed results. Audioslave, Velvet Revolver and Them Crooked Vultures are three examples of “supergroups” finding success, and then there are collaborations that many want to forget such as Lou Reed and Metallica. Nevertheless, when members of established bands come together,

Thursday 03 November 2022

Magnolia Park – ‘Baku’s Revenge’

In recent years there has been an ongoing pop-punk revival (again). However, it’s now more diverse and inclusive beyond the stereotypical white male. One of the emerging groups in the pop-punk scene is the Orlando-based collective, Magnolia Park. Through a regular stream of singles, collaborations, EP’s, and various touring

Thursday 27 October 2022

Tigers Jaw – ‘Old Clothes’

Last year, Tigers Jaw released their sixth album, ‘I Won’t Care How You Remember Me’. It saw the Pennsylvania group return as a collaborative quartet, yet maintained the indie rock sound co-leaders Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins had established in recent releases. The slightly under-appreciated record was carried by

Monday 12 September 2022

Beauty School – ‘Happiness’

Beauty School’s roots are firmly in the constantly thriving music scene of Leeds. Their debut album, ‘Happiness’, is the culmination of years of playing in various bands together, long-term friendships and overcoming a difficult two years. It sees the quintet confidently carry their collective influences on their shoulders, blending

Friday 19 August 2022

Joe Appleford – ‘Dystopian Dreams, Utopian Nightmares’

Croydon trio Bad Sign were very much in that group of UK alt-rock bands that should’ve been bigger, yet they succumbed to the trials and tribulations that any independent band goes through. For frontman Joe Appleford, Bad Sign’s end took it’s toll on the 28-year-old to the point he

Thursday 14 July 2022

Senses Fail – ‘Hell Is In Your Head’

Since emerging out of New Jersey almost 20 years ago, Senses Fail have been through numerous line-up changes but the one constant is frontman Buddy Nielsen. At this point, you could suggest that Senses Fail and Buddy Nielsen are one and the same. Over the course of seven

Wednesday 08 June 2022

Moodring – ‘Stargazer’

Often music trends come and go in cycles – “what old, is new again”. With an ethereal mix of grunge, rock, metal, and shoegaze in their sound, emerging Floridian quartet Moodring is stylistically reminiscent of years gone by. However, their debut full-length, ‘Stargazer’, is far from a nostalgic blast

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Cold Years – ‘Goodbye To Misery’

Let’s admit it, the past two years or so have been a little weird for all of us. The pandemic affected everyone in different ways; some used it to learn new skills while others used the time to reconnect with former loves, whether that be people, books, films. In

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Prince Daddy & The Hyena – ‘Prince Daddy & The Hyena’

It’s been proven over the course of history that death is inevitable, so it’s no surprise we all naturally fear the end of our lives. It’s a notion that Kory Gregory of Prince Daddy & The Hyena feels deeply. While writing what would become the band’s third album, he

Monday 21 February 2022

A Will Away – ‘Stew’

For 10 years, Connecticut rockers A Will Away have become reliable for making thoughtful songs, yet they have somehow never had that breakthrough moment. Over the course of a few albums and EPs, the quartet have carved out a well-rounded brand of Americana rock, embracing elements of rock,