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From Monday 26 March 2018

Red Terror – Red Terror

Hardcore bands share a common ancestry, and reading through the influences of most new bands in the scene can sometimes feel like a checklist, your mind easing into autopilot as you expect certain bands to appear on the list. Bad Brains? Cool. Black Flag? Check. Dead Kennedys?

Thursday 22 March 2018

The Amsterdam Red Light District – ‘Sapere Aude’

Sometimes you just take a punt on a band because of the name. The Amsterdam Red Light District have been playing crushing post-hardcore since 2004 and it’s crazy they’ve not been heard of more widely outside of their native France. But on ‘Sapere Aude,’ those 14 years

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Casey – Where I Go When I Am Sleeping

On ‘Making Weight’, the tender opener to ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping,’ vocalist Tom Weaver sets the scene of entropy that envelops the entire album, recounting how he was found on the bathroom floor by his mother, losing blood. And it only gets more visceral

Wednesday 14 June 2017

INVSN – ‘The Beautiful Stories’

Dennis Lyxzén is a man who doesn’t do things by half. Not content to just front Refused, one of the most groundbreaking post-hardcore punk bands of the last twenty years, he also led the garage rock revivalists of (The) International Noise Conspiracy to

Thursday 08 June 2017

Kamikaze Girls – ‘Seafoam’

Music has a power to reach right to your emotional core, vibrations that resonate with you in a way no other art can. On ‘Seafoam’, Leeds punks Kamikaze Girls reach right for your heartstrings. The duo of singer/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone and drummer Connor Dawson last year released ‘Sad’,

Thursday 04 May 2017

Ghouls – ‘Run’

Saxophones, riffs and basslines, oh my. Three albums in, and London based punks Ghouls have unleashed ‘Run’, a mature wake up call that sees the band move onwards and upwards with their songwriting abilities. It’s hard to place Ghouls within the context of the various punk scenes, but as

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Caves – ‘Always Why’

Newly transatlantic punks Caves make their intentions known from the opening of ‘Asleep’, as birdsong, feedback and a subdued solo riff subside into a chaotic cacophony of crashing drums and elastic guitars, as vocalist Lou Hanman howls “back and forward I go!” ‘Always Why’, the third album from the

Wednesday 12 April 2017

LIVE: Ghost / Zombi @ O2 Academy, Leeds

There’s a sea of skinny jeans, black shirts and high topped boots trampling towards the University of Leeds, coursing towards tonight’s Creeper gig in the union building. But halfway towards the city centre, the tide changes, and the horror punk patches and piercings give way to the long haired,

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Great Cynics – ‘Posi’

It’s the worst of times, so let’s write an album about the best of times. ‘Posi,’ the fourth album by those affable southern punks Great Cynics, is an album split down the middle, told in two parts, treading a knife’s edge between seemingly forced positivity and a more deep

Friday 31 March 2017

Throwing Stuff: “We’re trying to not be four useless idiots and upping our game”