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From Wednesday 14 April 2021

LIVE: Black Peaks @ The Brighton Centre

Live streams are bloody weird, aren’t they? It’s like being at a gig, but you’re in your pyjamas, your beer is cold (and probably didn’t cost you six pounds), and your nostrils aren’t full of that unmistakable mix of sweat, farts and booze. Basically, it’s not as good. Is

Friday 09 April 2021


Tuesday 02 March 2021

Tigers Jaw – ‘I Won’t Care How You Remember Me’

When more than half the band unexpectedly quit back in 2013, it would have been so easy for the remaining members of Tigers Jaw to call it a day right there and then. Thank the emo gods that they didn’t, because the work that guitarist/vocalist Ben Walsh and vocalist/keyboardist

Tuesday 02 February 2021

Cult Of Luna – ‘The Raging River’

If you’re at all familiar with the post-metal genre, Cult Of Luna will need no introduction – since their inception in 1998, the experimental Swedish collective have pushed the boundaries of expansive, overwhelming heavy music. From seminal releases like 2004’s ‘Salvation’ and its successor ‘Somewhere Along The Highway’, to

Thursday 10 December 2020

Respire – ‘Black Line’

Releasing an album in December isn’t usually advisable – most publications find themselves distracted by their end of year lists from mid-November onwards, and anything that comes after that tends to get left in a sort of limbo before the new year begins. One album that deserves to rise

Monday 30 November 2020

INTERVIEW: Venom Prison

2020 has been a strange, trying year for everyone, and bands are no exception to that. The lockdown measures imposed by governments around the world have forced bands and artists to get creative when it comes to keeping their fans engaged while they can’t play shows. For Welsh death

Monday 26 October 2020

Sugar Horse release new single ‘The Great Shame’

Bristol-based post-grunge sad bois Sugar Horse have just released ‘The Great Shame’, accompanied by a bloody bleak music video. You can check it out below. Rather than try and sum it up, here’s what Sugar Horse frontman Ashley Tubb had to say about it: “The idea for The Great Shame started

Tuesday 20 October 2020

CLT DRP – “I don’t care how much you love Harry Potter”

If I could encapsulate Brighton-based electro-punk trio CLT DRP in one word, that word would be “provocative”. From the radio unfriendly band name (pronounced ‘Clit Drip’), to the risqué cover art of the band’s latest release ‘Without The Eyes’ (there are pubes on it), to the unapologetic lyrical content

Friday 09 October 2020

Touche Amore – ‘Lament’

It’s been four years since Touche Amore released ‘Stage Four’ – a devastating record built thematically around vocalist Jeremy Bolm losing his mother to cancer, covering all the mourning, regret and hindsight that comes with loss in such painstaking detail that many found it difficult to listen to. New

Friday 02 October 2020

Svalbard – ‘When I Die, Will I Get Better?’

Bristol-based post-crust quartet Svalbard have been an active part of the UK’s underground music scene since 2012, and have been steadily building up their reputation as one of our most exciting exports ever since. 2018’s stellar album ‘It’s Hard To Have Hope’ was critically lauded, most notably for its