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From Monday 08 October 2018

LIVE: Delta Sleep @ The Joiners, Southampton

Riding on the crest of math rock’s biggest wave this side of the millennium, and just a few weeks on from releasing their second album ‘Ghost City’, breaths are bated in the hope that Delta Sleep can radiate the cinematic beauty of their sophomore record live on

Monday 17 September 2018

Emma Ruth Rundle – ‘On Dark Horses’

The enigma of Emma Ruth Rundle has unravelled with caution and consideration over the course of three stunning solo albums. As an instrumentalist of cinematic potential in post-rock troupe Red Sparowes – and initially in her own right also – the Californian songstress gradually sought catharsis through searing lyricism

Friday 14 September 2018

The Dirty Nil – ‘Master Volume’

There’s something about The Dirty Nil that’s wonderful yet oh-so-rare in this day and age: a young rock ‘n’ roll band that sparkles with star power, without sounding like a pastiche – or worse yet, a pisstake – of their genre’s former glories. Already taking on support slots in stadiums

Thursday 13 September 2018

Arcane Roots – ‘Landslide’

It’s a bittersweet experience listening to the latest Arcane Roots release, knowing it’ll be their last. We’re talking about a band whose output has rarely dwindled in its sky-high quality; a band who never got anywhere near the dues they were owed until it was too late. A band

Wednesday 12 September 2018

LIVE: Puppy @ The Joiners, Southampton

For 40 minutes on a balmy September evening, the hallowed stage of Southampton’s Joiners Arms is ablaze with plumes of hot pink fire. There’s no real pyrotechnics here, just two flame effect lights – the sort you’d find in a backstreet hippie shop between the incense sticks and dragon

Tuesday 31 July 2018

Planet Loser – ‘S/T’

Migrating from the hardcore scene to dreamier pastures is not a move that’s wholly unheard of. If it weren’t for the frenetic energies of Poison the Well, we may not have Derek Miller creating noise-pop mischief in Sleigh Bells, and could we have ever had the darkwave musings of

Friday 27 July 2018

Axis of Despair – ‘Contempt for Man’

Although this is their first full-length album, Axis of Despair are entering the frame with cap-doffing pedigree. Emerging from the ashes of drummer Anders Jakobson’s post-Nasum grindcore mob Coldworker, the Swedish quartet also boast one-third of Livet Som Insats amongst their lineup. It’s with this reputation that they come roaring