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From Friday 06 August 2021

As December Falls – ‘Happier’

In under three minutes, As December Falls’ latest self release will have you singing along to the opening track’s infectious chorus – whether you intend to or not. This is a recurring theme throughout ‘Happier’, and it’s in good company among the very best pop punk albums

Saturday 05 September 2020

Interview: Oceans of Slumber

“Music, family and the dogs. That’s what everything revolves around”, Gilbert says. She has been living a wholesome life with her partner and the band’s drummer, Dobber Beverly, in Texas. During lockdown, the family have taken up gardening and home-schooling, teaching the dogs new tricks and interacting with fans

Friday 05 June 2020

Covet – ‘technicolor’

We’re not even half way through 2020 but it’s already shaping up to be a terrifying and overwhelming year, fraught with bad news story after bad news story. If there was ever a time to seek a form of escape, it’s now, despite us not actually being

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Naked Next Door – ‘Swerving Out Wide’

Artists, fans, and the entire music industry are aching to reconvene inside bustling venues and across festival fields. New releases can’t quite remedy that ache, but they offer a lifeline – something to enjoy in our stay-at-home bubble and get excited about. There’s something extra special about

Tuesday 17 March 2020

The Slow Readers Club – ‘The Joy Of The Return’

‘The Joy Of The Return’ is the fourth studio album from Mancunian four-piece The Slow Readers Club, bringing a sound that was developed during back-of-van jams whilst touring extensively throughout 2019. It’s a familiar sound that’s frequently compared to that of Editors, Interpol, and a catalogue of successful indie

Thursday 27 February 2020

LIVE: PVRIS @ Electric Brixton

In the wake of Storm Dennis, London is cold and bleak. But step inside Electric Brixton and there’s a warm energy; pink-haired girls purchasing pints of red wine at the bar, groups chatting on the sofas inside the women’s bathroom and ‘indietronica’ support act Joywave finishing off

Wednesday 15 January 2020

InMe – ‘Jumpstart Hope’

Essex-based rockers InMe have been consistently producing music for more than two decades, and it shows. ‘Jumpstart Hope’ has the energy and eagerness of an up-and-comer, but with the cohesion and finesse of five people who have done this before. A follow up to the 2012 ‘Trilogy: Dawn’, ‘Jumpstart

Monday 07 October 2019

HalfNoise – ‘Natural Disguise’

Inspired by classic rock of the 60s and 70s – fused with elements of synth pop and surf rock – ‘Natural Disguise’ is the latest creation of Paramore’s Zac Farro as part of his side project, HalfNoise. Whilst some cross-genre ventures can become quite niche, ‘Natural Disguise’ finds a

Tuesday 01 October 2019

Steel Panther – ‘Heavy Metal Rules’

A decade after the release of their first studio album, ‘Feel The Steel’, you’d hope that Californian hair metal band Steel Panther would have grown up – or at least become a little more aware of social and political issues. Five albums later, ‘Heavy Metal Rules’ has been released,

Thursday 29 August 2019

Frank Turner – ‘No Man’s Land’

This wouldn’t be a comprehensive review if it didn’t at least acknowledge the uncomfortable grimace on the face of the music industry when Frank Turner released the concept album ‘No Man’s Land’. Its thirteen tracks are dedicated to overlooked, influential women throughout history (and the last track for his