YONAKA – ‘Welcome To My House’

By Jess Tagliani

It feels like YONAKA have been away for some time, what with their ‘Seize the Power’ EP being released back in 2021. But this Brighton-born group are finally back with their latest release, ‘Welcome To My House’, and it feels good to be able to welcome this insanely talented group back with open arms.

Opening track ‘By The Time You’re Reading This’ is a perfect example of Theresa Jarvis’ utterly incredible vocal range. The line, “By the time you’re reading this / I’ll be gone” simply transcends to another plane – her vocals are staggering, and this is only a mere taste of what’s to come. ‘PANIC’ layers slick guitar riffs over clever drum work, and is a perfect example of just how well YONAKA can blend a mix of pop and an edgier form of rock to create something that’s unique and eclectic.

Then there’s the title track, which takes on a slightly more sinister feeling; slick riffs crushed with a charged electric energy creates a monster of a song. Electric elements and hammering drum work combine beautifully, highlighting just how brilliant this song truly is. Expect to be singing and dancing along to it in next to no time when you next see the band take to the stage.

‘Give Me My Halo’ leads with a poignant piano track, and allows Theresa to once again show off her vocal range – softer and more delicate, yet filled with absolute power, it’s simply awe-inspiring. Then, ‘I Want More’ ups the ante again; fast and furious, it’s almost jarring when comparing the difference between this track and the calmer number that preceded it. But that’s what YONAKA do best – go from one extreme to the other in a smooth and seamless blink of an eye. ‘I Don’t Care’ follows in a similar vein, with soaring hooks and catchy riffs, with captivating vocals layered on top.

‘Hands Off My Money’ ends this EP on a brilliant high note – sassy and smart, it drips with massive melodies and is a delightful punky ear worm. YONAKA are back, and they’re bigger and better than ever; there’s no doubt about it.


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