We Were Promised Jetpacks – Out Of Interest

By Ellie Odurny

Scottish indie rockers We Were Promised Jetpacks have had a fairly busy year already, packing in a 23 date US tour in February and working on writing for their fifth studio album. New EP ‘Out Of Interest’ is a collection of two demos from 2018 album ‘The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream’, along with three previously unreleased tracks.

‘When Getting Lost’ was the first single released from the EP back in April, and is awash with the ethereal, brooding sound that We Were Promised Jetpacks have made their own in recent years. The slow, dreamy pace and strong Scottish lilt of the vocals set the tone for the mellow but striking collection of songs that make up ‘Out Of Interest’.

‘Same Mistakes’ is the standout track from this EP. It mixes beautiful anthemic melodies, catchy guitar, and that gradually building depth of sound that defines We Were Promised Jetpacks’ style. Each component of this track adds another layer in just the right way to somehow embody a sense of uplifting joy and melancholic reflection simultaneously.

Those familiar with the album ‘The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream’ will recognise the summer drenched beach vibes of ‘Not Wanted’. The wobbly discordant guitar intro seems more noticeable on this release and grabs the listener’s attention from the off, leading seamlessly into the chilled ebb and flow of the rest of the track.

‘Impossible’ is the opener on ‘The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream’, and with its slow build and echoey reverb, it introduces the vibe of the rest of that album, and cements the familiarity of this EP. The impassioned vocals add a raw authenticity that stops the lengthy guitar licks from becoming dull, with singer Adam Thompson’s voice soaring over the steady beat and simple but effective chords.

‘Miles Away’ closes the EP with the same clean picking and pointed vocals present in the rest of the record, but doesn’t ease off on the subtle dynamic play, with a punching guitar line popping up and disappearing just as quickly to fade back and echo the minimalist beginnings of this short play.

For mega We Were Promised Jetpacks fans, this EP will be a welcome addition to the collection.  The limited-edition yellow vinyl is striking, and the unreleased tracks show that the band aren’t short of songs. For the less diehard fans, there’s nothing particularly new here. The demos don’t sound all that different from the album versions and it’s probably worth waiting for the next album for a bigger variety of new material. That being said, ‘Out Of Interest’ showcases the clever musicality that the band have grown, developed, and refined over the years. It’s not the most exciting new music, but there’s something about We Were Promised Jetpacks’ brand of shoe gazing indie rock that brings a sense of subdued calm to a tumultuous world, which might be just what we all need right now.


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