We Are Lost Boys – ‘Life’

By Tom Aylott

For some unknown reason British social dysfunction has gained a rather gritty pop rock soundtrack. We Are Lost Boys have taken guidance from scene leaders Lower Than Atlantis on this, their second EP and follow up to 2011s well-received ‘Making Memories’. Gathering comparisons not just through vocal similarities between Danny Wright and Mike Duce but also through various mirroring of melodic hooks and drawn out guitar riffs, ‘Life’ takes listeners back to the eruption of the genre sometime around the release of Lower Than Atlantis’ ‘Far Q’.

Whereas Lower than Atlantis have since developed their sound and naturally evolved, We Are Lost Boys retain the social dissatisfaction that defined earlier classics in contemporary British rock. This alone allows the quartet to make a mark in their own right. ‘T.W.O.T.T. (The Way of the World)’ imposes upon melodies reminiscent of emotional counterparts at the turn of the century, while ‘Who Has To Know’ and ‘From Home Sweet Home’ opt for an altogether more abrasive attitude. The slower approach in the latter portion of the record infuses a level of variety – ‘What Now?’ in particular pulls at the heartstrings while avoiding dangerously clichéd territory.

‘Life’ is very British – perhaps difficult to explain but easy to comprehend on record. The themes contained within the record merge together with the vocals and style to continue the ever-growing pattern to compliment social commentary with contemporary rock. In doing so the band occasionally struggles to create their own identity; especially considering the remarkably similar tones generated by their peers. Fortunately ‘Life’ contains enough moments to enforce individuality, and to garner a level of nostalgia.


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