Tuff Love – ‘Resort’

By Conor Mackie

Tuff Love’s ‘Resort’ is a collection that shows progression, depth and longevity. Compiling Tuff Love’s three EPs (‘Junk’, ‘Dross’ and ‘Dregs’), ‘Resort’ is a perfect starting point for those who have somehow missed the Glaswegian duo as they’ve slowly but steadily been building up a head of steam over the past two years.

Recorded and produced by Julie Eisenstein (guitar, vocals) and Suse Bear (bass, vocals), there is a real DIY quality to the compilation and the delicate compositions and it’s something that helps the band stand out and helps the songs resonate even more.

The collection is ordered chronologically and this allows the listener a clear sense of the progression that Tuff Love have made. That’s not to say that the first EP was bad, more that the two that followed were even better. The opening riff to ‘Carbon’ is beautiful, whilst ‘Threads’ ups the tempo and keeps things chugging along. ‘That’s Right’ is the most ‘distorted’ song on the collection, but it still feels like a Tuff Love song and doesn’t feel at all out of place and ‘Flamingo’ makes you want to jump around your bedroom.

Closer ‘Sebastian’ is the highlight. Beginning with a quick discussion of how to start the song before counting in, the bass line carries the song, threading effortlessly throughout as the layered vocals wind their way through your brain and right into your heart. The chorus is so beautiful and the whole song makes you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud.

It’s no surprise that Tuff Love have methodically won over the hearts and minds with every show they play. ‘Resort’ shows a band who have carefully plotted out their own path, building on their strengths and we’re lucky to have them.


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