The Nyx – ‘The Nyx’

By Eloise Bulmer

Bruising guitar riffs are the perfect introduction to four-piece The Nyx. Instantly drawing the listener into their world, ‘Fire Breathing Lady’ balances on a wire between heavy rock and singalong anthems. You decide– head-banging or dramatic singing into a hairbrush? Either or both are suited to this EP. Not confining themselves to the heavy-rock sound they first introduce, second track ‘Hideaway’ soars loftily above all expectations and the track sits on a knife’s edge throughout as the band show off glacier guitar riffs and enigmatic vocals. Being released as the first single, ‘Hideaway’ is undoubtedly the best track on the release.

After such great openers it would be easy for the latter two to fall down beside them, but despite some tough competition on a release this strong, the second half of the EP does not disappoint. ‘Home’ has all the guitar intricacies of ‘Hideaway’, whilst ‘Myself’ leans a little more on the grungy side of things. “You can’t keep a big bird in a small cage” the band state menacingly on the last track, with this philosophy being one that carries through into their whole being as a band. It’s a strong ending track, with an important message and a chorus that seems to come out of nowhere after the subtleties of the verses.

Not missing any punches with their first EP release, The Nyx’s debut effort is purposeful and has something to say to whoever’s listening.


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