The Family – ‘Welcome To The Family’

By Christopher Lee

Sheffield rockers The Family welcome us into their world of killer riffs and resonating vocals with debut EP ‘Welcome To The Family’. Formed by former members of hardcore outfit Dead Harts, The Family step away from their past into a brand new, more melodic sound.

What’s abundantly clear from the outset of the four track EP is that even though the guys have moved away from their hardcore roots, they still know how to write one hell of a guitar riff. Every track will have you banging your head along and playing the air guitar like a pro. These riffs are the perfect backdrop to vocalist and guitarist Mathew Baxendale’s raw voice which, if you close your eyes and just listen, sound uncannily like the legendary Kurt Cobain. Nirvana are clearly an influence here but this in no way takes away from the band’s individuality. In fact, The Family could be the type of combative grunge the music scene has been crying out for.

The single ‘Radio Headphones’ sees Baxendale proclaiming, “My brain’s about to explode from all the same songs on the radio,” a clear message to the number of generic soulless acts one can find by giving the charts a listen at any given time. For The Family, the fightback starts here.

From the drum and cowbell intro of ‘Ain’t Gonna Happen Like That’ through to the raw aggression of ‘Radio Headphones’, this EP is an absolute delight to listen to. As far as tasters go, this debut dips its toe into the water of a band that could quite possibly be one of the best the UK has had to offer in a long time, and will leave you begging for more. Welcome to The Family.


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