The Dear Hunter – The Meaning Of and All Things Regarding Ms Leaning

By paul

After listening through to this album I can think of only one word to sum it up – diverse.

Coming from the same label that brought us Brand New and Hit The Lights, Triple Crown’s latest release is the new record by The Dear Hunter; a concept album which sounds like The Receiving End of Sirens (unsurprising has it features ex-members), Mars Volta or a less high-pitched Coheed and Cambria. There are multi-layers of instrumentation, soaring vocals which dance around all over the place and a change of pace which suits the band rather nicely.

Truth be told I don’t ‘get’ this release perhaps as well as it deserves to be ‘got’. It’s at times a thoughtful and introspective record; at others it’s simply a ballsy rock album. But while there’s no doubt it’s clever and flows rather beautifully throughout each and every track, it’s something I just don’t really have the patience to stick with to fully get the rewards. Still, I believe that if you do give this record enough time, you’ll eventually reap the benefits. It’s a pity my musical patience isn’t quite up to scratch.

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