The Brave – ‘Epoch’

By Andy Leddington

“An epoch is a defining moment or event in time that leaves a memorable mark in history, and for us that is exactly what this album is,” explains The Brave’s vocalist Nathan Toussaint. “It’s a significant thing that has taken us from just being a local band having a bit of fun to a signed band with an album we are truly proud of. And now we have the potential to leave our mark in the music industry.”

Whilst such aspirations are admirable, The Brave’s debut album ‘Epoch’ may not be the giant mark-leaving rubber stamp they intended it to be. Opening track ‘Searchlights’ is probably the best indicator as to whether or not you will enjoy this album. Much of the song, and indeed the whole album, sounds very much like some Architects or Northlane, but slightly less original. It’s not bad enough to actually fault, but nor is it a genre-defining piece of music. At worst it has simply all been done before.

There are a handful of decently potent riffs scattered throughout, reminiscent occasionally of ‘There Is A Hell…’ era Bring Me The Horizon, and in the heavier sections even of August Burns Red. However these are few and far between, appearing only really every three songs or so. For the most part the album blurs together a bit. There is hardly any variation on the ideas presented, and despite them being fairly tried-and-tested ideas, songs like ‘Ignited Youth’ are the kind of ideas that have been tried beyond the point of testing and simply become a retelling of the kind of music Architects were doing half a decade ago.

Although there are no stand-out moments of genius that could have pushed this album into the higher reaches of musical class, there is also nothing especially bad about it. It is enjoyable for a listen or two and then fails to include anything else that would entice further listens.


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