Terror – ‘The Walls Will Fall’

By Rhian Wilkinson

A punchy follow up to 2015’s full length ‘The 25th Hour’, ‘The Walls Will Fall’ delivers a fast-paced, breakdown laden series of songs, and the five piece sound just as young and angry as they always have, despite having 15 years as Terror under their belts.

Clocking in at just 9 minutes long, it’s a damn short record, but there is still enough time for proper throw downs, with heavy stomping breaks throughout. Standout moments exist in both title track ‘The Walls Will Fall’ and second track ‘Kill Em Off’.

Starting hard and heavy with ‘Balance the Odds’ Terror are almost challenging you not to tear something apart. The final breakdown in this track is exceptional, like a windmill kick to your face (in a good way).

Vogel’s vocals are as gnarly as you want them to be, and the riffs are all there too. When a band has been making music for 15 years, you expect a certain level, and Terror definitely deliver on that. The breaks are clean, the drums are crisp and thrashed out exceptionally – props to Nick Jett on that, because the drum track on ‘Step To You’ is art.

If you’re familiar with Terror this record won’t disappoint, other than needing more of something this good. If you’re not into hardcore, or have only just discovered the genre, ‘The Walls Will Fall’ is a perfect way to dip a toe into a deeply nuanced and exciting genre of music.


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