Tenacious D – ‘Post Apocalypto’

By Sean Lewis

It is hard being a fan of Tenacious D. The nostalgia for songs like ‘Tribute’ and ‘Wonderboy’ can be a powerful drug.

Yet, every fan of “The D” must admit that the comedy rock duo has had a downward trajectory from the start. From the cult hit of the original Tenacious D TV show, to the middling movie, to the disaster that was ‘The Rise of the Phoenix’. The evidence is out there: the joke is wearing thin.

It may surprise you to learn that, so far, the ‘Post-Apocalypto’ web series has been a welcome return to the band’s stoner comedy roots. It is not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but the graphic, still frame imagery can occasionally provoke pure grossed-out laughs. For fans of The D, it harks back to the golden age when it didn’t feel like the band were trying too hard.

Unfortunately, half the track-listing for the soundtrack to ‘Post-Apocalypto’ are skits ripped straight from the show. Tenacious D have always included skits on their albums, and some of them have been among the funniest things in their catalogue. Sadly, on this album, they are pure padding.

The skits from the episodes that have been currently released make you feel like you’re retracing old ground. The skits from future episodes fall incredibly flat. I mean, the idea of The Terminator defeating a Lovecraftian monster called “Daddy Ding-Dong” sounds like it would make a great cartoon. Would anyone in their right mind want to just listen to the audio from it?

With the skits best ignored, it is up to the songs to save ‘Post-Apocalypto’ from Armageddon.

While some provoke a snort and a smirk, anyone expecting songs that match the quality of the debut will be disappointed. Highlights like the amazingly obscene ‘Making Love’, and the metal parody ‘Daddy Ding Song’ save the album from being unlistenable. As with the skits, however, all the songs are better within the context of the show.

So basically, just watch the show. It is probably the best thing Tenacious D have done since ‘The Pick of Destiny’. As for this slapped together soundtrack, it may please superfans, but for everyone else, it is a bit of a slog.


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