suitor – ‘folklore’

By Renette van der Merwe

In the few short weeks following the release of suitor’s first ever single, ‘Deep Sleep’, many comparisons have been drawn. Some liken them to post hardcore heroes Circa Survive and Saosin, while mentions of O’Brother, Moving Mountains, Pentimento, and Hoobastank have echoed around social media as well. Call them what you will – a spicier version of Silversun Pickups, Emery on Vicodin – but one thing remains. suitor have shown up to claim their place in the alt-rock ranks.

Formed in Georgia, suitor may have personal ties to bands like Can’t Swim and Microwave (Nathan Hardy actually having had a hand in producing ‘folklore’) but they’re in no way reliant on those connections. Instead, they’ve grinded for their craft, cutting teeth on previous projects where they’ve been able to incubate their sound by feeding into the 90s grunge and alternative influences they’re fond of. But they’re not all fuzz and distortion. By the sounds of it, suitor are quite partial to dipping a toe in the shimmering pond of midwestern emo, with twinkly guitar tones we’ve seen bands like Movements and Balance And Composure use.

‘Deep Sleep’ is by far the standout track. Vocalist, Casey Smith’s voice is magnetic and effortless as he lazily sings along in warm tones, offering an exciting contrast as the instrumentation is more urgent, especially the pummeling drums. If the other songs are roughly cut gems, ‘Deep Sleep’ is a pristine, shimmering diamond and hopefully the direction the band will follow with future albums. 

This debut EP isn’t long – clocking in under twenty minutes – but it doesn’t need to be, because it’s a perfectly adjusted microscope; the eyepiece to this band’s capabilities, giving the listener an intimate glimpse into past relationships through sharp lyricism, influences and musical skill. Stepping out with their best foot forward, suitor are solid from the soaring atmospheric notes of ‘Folklore’ to the final, moreish moments of ‘Creature’.


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