Stick Up Kid – ‘Nothing About Me’

By Clara Cullen

San Jose’s Stick Up Kid’s EP is very short. Only three of the five songs are over 2 minutes, but it’s a fantastic record that leaves the listener salivating for more. They are galvanising a sound, a vision and a following. It is hardcore punk-rock at its rawest and it’s more energy than a can of Red Bull.

This record feels like it has been created by lifelong friends. The vocals of Tony Geravesh transport you to memories of the band growing up, of sunshine coming through cracks in the window, of road trips, relationships and good times.

‘Breathing’ starts as you would expect, with Geravesh screaming for you to listen, and listen hard. The quieter vocal parts of this song are reminiscent of Saves the Day’s infectious vocal style and the rawer sing along parts are reminders of Billy Joe Armstrong’s early days. It is just as easy to imagine young girls screaming and singing along to Stick up Kid.

Dreaming of Kenny Rogers’ is put together well, with some excellent drum parts and some shredded punk guitar. There is an excellent vocal extra from Geravesh in the form of spoken word rhetoric, “You can find in your way, until my sleep.” He screams out: “I wish things had lasted.

The length of the release is a weakness. It would have been great to hear more songs, or at least fully developed songs. It feels that in ‘Breathing’ and ‘Dreaming of Kenny Rogers’ that the band could have given more. However, what they do offer is an EP full of energy, and if the band can develop in terms of lyrical output and songmanship, then there is definitely a bright future for this band.

For what this short EP offers, it is great. Fans of the genre will swallow it up. The record ends with a poignant voicemail of a male voice saying goodbye to a friend. I hope Stick up Kid say hello again really soon.


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