Stagecoach – ‘Say Hi To The Band’

By Clara Cullen

Having in 2009 impressed Alcopop! with their EP ‘We Got Tazers’, Surrey’s Stagecoach have now come to releas their debut album ‘Say Hi To The Band’. It is, from the word go, a delightful concoction of indie rock, with a Weezer like sense of melody and guitars that should make any sensible person want to dance. Instantly singable, the opening of ‘Work Work Work’ signals that, while this may be their first album, they mean business. Full of catchy synth, ┬áit is the 3 minute dose of sunshine that we all desperately need.

With the slightest hint of indie heroes The Holloways, Stagecoach seem set on becoming your summer fling in 2013, and knowing how to craft a catchy song seems to come naturally as ‘Say Hi To The Band’ is chock full of them. On the toe-tapping ’56K Dial Up’ Stagecoach combine quirky lyricism with a naggling melody line that wriggles into your brain and doesn’t let go.

Taking things down a notch, the slow lull of ‘New Hand’ is good rest-bite from the cheery fun. Growing older and the complications that come from that is the focus of this relatable song, throw in a gorgeously melancholy horn section and you’ve got something quite special. The wurling synth and frenetic guitars of ‘Kings Resolve’ is sure to go down like a house on fire live, and the album as a whole is awesome.

If indie-rock is your thing, then ‘Say Hi To The Band’ is going to end up on your ‘Best Of 2013′ list come Christmas. Tuneful, clever and fun, the record more than makes up for the long wait. Lifers, who have been following the band for years, will be happy with the mix of the new and the old, while the more casual listener won’t help but be taken in by Stagecoach’s unassuming and approachable take on rock n’ roll. ‘Say Hi To The Band’ is more than worth the wait. So take the time to say hi to your new favourite rock band.


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