Safe 2 Say – S/T

By paul

Rule one of being in a band, make sure your singer can actually sing.

Rule two of being in a band, make sure your lyrics aren’t so bad they instantly put the listener off.

Rule three of being in a band, if you can’t do rules one and two, give up.

The sad fact is that Safe 2 Say are utterly, utterly dreadful. With a singer who cannot hit a note at all, guitars and drums that sound as if they’re littered with mistakes and some of the worst attempts at vocal melodies I have ever, ever heard, I found it very difficult to get past the opening track ‘Like It Or Not’. For info, I didn’t like it.

Things don’t get any better. The vocals are out of key on ‘Gets Me By’ and there’s a lack of punch, power and absolutely nothing memorable about it whatsoever. My advice? Ditch the singer and start again.

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