Rob Lynch – Rob Lynch

By Tom Aylott

After changing his name from Lost On Campus, ROB LYNCH has now delivered this, his debut and self-titled EP: Full of catchy hooks and melodies, Rob has pushed himself to the forefront of the genre and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as artists such as (lazy comparison alert) Frank Turner.

What makes this EP so special is the underlying pop element – ‘Hawking’ and ‘Sleeping’ are both great up-tempo tracks that stick in your head and will be fantastic in a live setting. Even in quieter tracks like ‘Souls’ and ‘Plans’ there is still the obvious pop sensibility that many ‘singer/songwriters’ lack.

The only real negative, if you can call it a negative, is the production on ‘Souls’.The fret sliding takes away from the track being an immediate success., but fortunately, Rob’s writing is so strong that it is barely noticeable toward the end of the track, and the heartfelt and honest lyrics really make it great.

Closer and fan favourite ‘My Friends and I’ is the obvious stand out track – it’s catchy, fun and simply put, incredible. This track really is something special and takes the entire EP to a different level. An absolute banger, and Rob has found a bonafide anthem with this track.

Whilst not quite perfect, this EP is as about close as can be. With more time and a bit of fortune, Rob Lynch is going to be fucking massive.


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