By Jess Tagliani

One of the beautiful things about music is just how versatile artists can be; while fans will sometimes lament about their favourite band no longer sounding the same, there is something admirable about those who choose to evolve and adapt on every release.

PVRIS are one such example. If you go back to their 2014 release ‘White Noise’ and work through their other work, including ‘All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell’ and ‘Use Me’, you can see just how their sound develops from emotional pop-rock to a far edgier and darker pop sound.

Newest release ‘EVERGREEN’ sees mastermind Lynn Gunnulfsen take PVRIS to an even higher plane. Largely co-produced by Lynn herself, there are also big-name collaborators, including Mike Shinoda, contributing to what has emerged as an intricate and clever album.

‘I DON’T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE’ kicks off what is a bold piece of work; sultry and pulsing with energy, it’s a phenomenal start. Then there’s ‘GOOD ENEMY’, which gets the blood pumping and body moving instantly – a masterful track, it shows but a taste of Lynn’s songwriting and production genius.

Single ‘GODDESS’ is a slick and cheeky pop track, filled with delicious guitar grooves elevated by Lynn’s versatile and dynamic vocal range, which itself sound almost deranged at points. The lyrics of “I’m a mother fucking brand” are an absolute delight; snappy and sassy, it’s hard to not let this track become an earworm.

‘ANIMAL’ and ‘HYPE ZOMBIES’ serve up raw, gritty attitude, laden with combative and destructive energy; they’re angry songs, but quietly so, which makes them even more dangerous. The addictive ‘TAKE MY NIRVANA’ is another snappy yet moving track, and really sees Lynn’s vocals ascend to new and impressive heights.

‘SENTI-MENTAL’ and ‘HEADLIGHTS’ are ethereal to the point of invoking a strangely empty feeling . Full of emotion, it’s hard to keep composed – especially during ‘SENTI-MENTAL’, which will strike a chord with any who listen.

Newest single ‘LOVE IS A…’ is a modern-day ballad; full of power and confidence, it leaves you wanting more. It truly showcases just how brilliant Lynn’s multi-instrumental work is.

Title and closing track ‘EVERGREEN’ is filled with angst and pain, with a chorus of, “Everyone could care less ‘til you’re dead / or you’re seventeen / I wanna be evergreen.” Maybe it echoes Lynn’s earlier years, when PVRIS was still in its infancy. Regardless, it ends this extraordinary piece of work on a high.

‘EVERGREEN’ is testament to Lynn’s talent – it’s gritty, piercing, and clever, all wrapped up into 11 outstanding tracks, and beautifully demonstrates just how diverse PVRIS truly is. Don’t miss out.


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