Power Trip – ‘Nightmare Logic’

By Glen Bushell

Power Trip sure know how to keep people waiting. Four years ago they released their stellar debut, ‘Manifest Decimation’, which raised the bar for metallic hardcore tenfold. Through a heavy touring schedule that has taken them all over the world, the Texan band have grown into an unstoppable force, culminating with their new album, ‘Nightmare Logic’. Has it been worth the wait? Of course it has.

Rather than do as others often do and rein it in to appeal to a wider audience, Power Trip have gone the complete opposite. In no uncertain terms, ‘Nightmare Logic’ is more aggressive, more unrelenting, and designed purely to inflict aural punishment. While it retains their signature nods towards heavy hardcore, keeping the influence of Cro-Mags and Leeway ever present, the metallic element of their arsenal has been enhanced.

‘Soul Sacrifice’ is played with the speed and ferocity of classic crossover thrash in the tradition of Exodus, Venom and every other iconic band of the past that Power Trip deserve to be mentioned alongside. It kicks off a volatile statement of intent that Power Trip are taking no prisoners. Vocalist Riley Gale shreds his larynx at every given opportunity with his visceral delivery. It compliments the razor sharp groove of ‘Executioners Tax (Swing Of The Axe)’ and frantic old school riffing through ‘Firing Squad’.

At only eight tracks deep, ‘Nightmare Logic’ never lets up and is constantly unforgiving. Even the slow burning start of ‘Waiting Around To Die’ eventually gives way to a cavalcade of searing brutality. Power Trip clearly had no plans to deviate from their chosen path while conceiving ‘Nightmare Logic’, but then they don’t need to; they are here to deliver as much pain as possible while offering a cathartic release.

‘Nightmare Logic’ carries a very direct narrative of the way the world is changing and that we are in a dark place right now. With no time for fancy metaphor or lyrical ambiguity, Power Trip are pissed off and want you to know it. ‘Ruination’ is an honest piece of social commentary, while ‘Crucifixion’ caps the album off with a final a blow to humanity.

In an ever-changing musical landscape, Power Trip have looked to the past and injected extra fury into thrash metal. ‘Nightmare Logic’ is as nasty as they come, with a violent and unhinged tendency to explode at any second. Welcome to Power Trip’s nightmare.


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