Peace Mercutio- Weather The Storm

By Clara Cullen

It seems as if America absolutely loves churning out a plethora of pop punk bands and here is yet another slice of the action. Hailing from Seattle are the fantastic Peace Mercucio with “Weather the Storm” providing an offering jam-packed with twangy guitars, addictive lyrical clarity and classic pop punk anthems throughout.

The album has licks of musical maturity sewn all the way through it as you can tell the band are emphatically passionate about the music they are writing. A worthy talent for any ‘rockstar’ these days, something others perhaps overlook or take for granted? “Sing! Sing!” is just so exciting to listen to; you find yourself singing along almost immediately, finding the title pretty relevant. The constant guitar chugs through the beginning of the track has that air guitar, fist pump element to it, a definite win from any angle. Who doesn’t like chanting ‘sing sing at the top of your lungs’ repeatedly whilst pretending to be the best guitar player in the world!? We can only imagine that watching this live would be undoubtedly awesome.

Overall, this album should not be knocked or categorized as yet another pop punk trial run. It is covered in personality; just what any good band should have bleeding from every pore.


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