Odonis Odonis – ‘Post Plague’

By Ben Tipple

‘Betrayal’, the penultimate track on Toronto based industrial-punks Odonis Odonis’ thirty-minute onslaught ‘Post Plague’, is like a jackhammer to the brain. With its heavy synth-led techno opening, it breaks briefly for an unsettling ethereal post-punk rest bite before relaunching into its unapologetic electro punches. It’s indicative of the remainder of ‘Post Plague’, an unpredictable frenzy of contrasting sounds that somehow manage to pull themselves together into a coherent mess.

It’s the audible equivalent of knowing where to find an exact t-shirt in a drawer of unfolded chaos. And it’s unrelenting. Even the quieter moments are unforgiving, lulling the listener into a false sense of euphoria before attacking with gritty punk-rock screams or a distinctive slurred vocal attitude. By the time the relatively calm ‘Lust’ rears its head, it is more than welcome. A subtle conclusion to an otherwise torrent of audible sideswipes. ‘Post Plague’ is as nightmarish as the name would suggest, entirely unique in its brash blend of aggressive sounds.


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