nothing, nowhere. x Travis Barker – ‘BLOODLUST’

By Yasmin Brown

nothing, nowhere. has fast become a notoriously devastating artist. Thematically, there’s nothing close to being positive about his music, and yet, somehow, it’s easy to seek comfort in his words. His latest release is a collaboration with blink-182’s Travis Barker, an EP that combines catchy riffs and raps, insane drumming, and very sad yet very poignant lyrics. 

If you enjoy delving into the depths of your emotional turmoil, then nothing, nowhere. is well worth your indulgence. ‘BLOODLUST’ is sincere and introspective, as well as being downright ironic, which is something many of us who have dealt with any form of mental health issue in our lives will understand.

It’s easy to find comfort in this irony; to one moment say, “Oh yeah, everything’s great”, and in the next, state matter of factly and with total sincerity that you want to die. That’s what this EP seems to convey. It’s deep, unmanageable pain disguised in catchy melodies and hip-hop beats, yet there are moments in which the erratic drumming and the ever-increasing decibels highlight the truth: that life is fucking hard, sometimes it’s too hard, and sometimes you really do just feel like giving up. There’s nothing romantic about ‘TRUE LOVE’, nor is there anything beautiful about ‘BEAUTIFUL LIFE’, but there is comfort in knowing that if you happen to be someone who ever fights these thoughts, that you’re not alone in that. 

This EP could be a monumental trigger for those struggling, but it could be a warm hug for those who feel eternally alone in their pain. A stunning yet distressing musical collaboration from two incredibly talented individuals, Barker and nothing, nowhere. have created something very special with ‘BLOODLUST’ – just be cautious of your state of mind when diving in.


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