NOFX – Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing

By paul

I didn’t like ‘War On Errorism’ all that much. To be honest, I was beginning to think 20 years of recycled riffs was beginning to wear a bit thin. Of course I should have known Fat Mike and co would pull it round, and ‘Wolves…’ is an excellent comeback. Comeback may not actually be the right phrase, but you know what I mean. Whereas the band dabbled with politics with PunkVoter and the aformentioned ‘War…’, this is back to the days of drink, sex and fun. And for me that’s what NOFX do best.

‘Wolves…’ isn’t the best NOFX album, but there are some brilliant songs on here. I’m a big fan of this band when they push the accelerator pedal down and of the 19 tracks here there are plenty that are fast and furious. And even more welcome is Fat Mike’s decision to start singing about getting drunk again. ‘USA-holes’ is great, first single ‘Seeing Double At The Triple Rock’ fantastic, while ‘Benny Got Blowed Up’ is another nonsensical track, yet sounds great. But the band aren’t completely disowning the socially-aware style they adopted last time round, and while ‘Leaving Jesusland’ is musically similar to a whole host of NOFX tracks, it’s lyrically very cutting and clever.

Of course this wouldn’t be a NOFX album without a couple of odd/weird tracks, and El Hefe’s ‘Cantado En Espanol’ and ‘Cool and Unusual Punishment’ are a little strange. But when you have so many tracks on offer, it’s typical NOFX fare to expect a dodgy one or two. And when songs like the album’s title track, the short and sweet ‘Instant Crassic’ and the amazing ‘You Will Lose Faith’ all follow them up, you know you’re onto a winner. ‘Wolves…’ is a great record. But then you come to expect that with NOFX these days. If you were beginning to be put off with the sound of the same old, same old from the band, I have a feeling ‘Wolves…’ will give you a new lease of life. Highly recommended.
Fat Wreck


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