NOFX – They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live!

By paul

The title of this record tells you everything you need to know about NOFX. They’re a band pretty much everyone who reads PT has grown up with; they’re seemingly everyone’s favourite punk band at some point in their life, a useful leapfrog to other elements of the pop-punk tree. Following on from the band’s previous live album, released donkeys years ago, this new release was recorded earlier in the year over several nights and features some wise-ass cracks with a few scattered songs in between. The best bit is this record doesn’t cover any of the songs the first live album featured, so there’s no duplication and plenty of time to rock out to a batch of tracks – it’s easy to forget just how many songs NOFX have committed to tape over the years!

Technically they’re not the best band in the world, but NOFX make up for it with the sheer number of singalongs. ‘What’s The Matter With Parents’ today is genius, as is ‘Lori Meyers’. To be honest most of the songs on here are really good fun – the variation between old and new is pretty well mixed too. The only complaint any NOFX fan would have is that they start to play ‘The Decline‘ at the end and it fades out. Which, to be fair, is actually NOFX all over.

I could easily have summed up this review in one line as it’s just good old NOFX with no real surprises. It’s fun, slapstick and full of sinaglongs – and while their sound may be becoming a little old and stale, they’re still in a league of their own in a live setting.

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