NOFX – Never Trust A Hippie EP

By paul

If you’ve never heard of NOFX, check your pulse because I guarantee you died sometime before 1983. Quite possibly the all-time most influential punk band (whether it be for releasing a tonne of seminal albums or running one of the genre’s most successful labels in Fat Wreck), Fat Mike and co have done pretty much everything. While their last couple of records have been more aggressive lyrically than before, they’ve maintained their cheeky skate-punk style that has endeared them to so many over the years. Released as a preview for new album ‘Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing’, ‘Never Trust A Hippie’ is stereotypical NOFX – brash, loud and full of singalong moments.

23 years into their career, NOFX will never re-invent themselves, so if you’ve been a fan at any point during the last two decades, ‘Never Trust A Hippie’ is a nice dose of what we have come to expect. ‘Seeing Double at the Triple Rock’ is the sort of punk rock anthem that’s been missing since, well, the last NOFX record, while ‘Golden Boys’ is the political diatribe we’ve come to expect from Fatty. ‘Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation)’ is another swift kick in the balls, so despite the swift length of this EP, there are three tracks that fly through at breakneck pace.

But that’s not to say this EP is entirely predictable. ‘You’re Wrong’ is predictably political-baiting, but it’s unpredictable in style – not really what you’d expect from the band, but a cracking listen nonetheless. ‘Never Trust A Hippie’ will keep NOFX fans happy until the new album comes out. Don’t expect synth or keyboards, NOFX are traditionally a punk rock band and I very much doubt they will ever change. This carries on their almost-perfect tradition, mixing the political snarl with their typical sound. Nothing new, but as brilliant as ever.
Fat Wreck


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