NOFX – Cokie The Clown

By paul

I thought the last NOFX album was their best in a long, long time so I was hoping this EP would continue in that vein and be another four or five really good songs. Disappointingly, this is really average NOFX fare. There’s nothing wrong with any of the songs here, but they could have been on any of the albums since ‘So Long…’ There’s just nothing here to get excited about at all – except the very last song.

There are times when Fat Mike can shake everyone up and surprise them and amongst a very predictable and generic NOFX record he’s unleashed a very tender acoustic song in ‘My Orphan Year’ that you just wouldn’t expect to come from him. A track that recollects the death of his parents, it’s a very touching song. The rest, well, they’re OK. Nothing new, typical b-sides that didn’t make the cut. Fans will like them, critics will state they’re just the same old band they were 20 years ago. But no-one can deny the final song is a beauty.

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