Misery Addict – The Hate Tape

By Tom Aylott

Making an aggressive and unrefined impact is ‘The Hate Tape’ by MISERY ADDICT.  Full of ferociousness, each track, the longest being just over a minute long, brings the expected thrashing drums, fast paced riffs and forceful screams.

It never really escapes the predictable, but there’s a few sparks that show that band have potential in the future.

Beginning with hopeful ‘Never Surrender’, a well played gradual build up and well executed gang vocal make this song one of the most memorable. Straight after, the album leaps into ‘F-Bomb’, a short 25 seconds of pure, fairly unimaginative brutality.

Following that, ‘Lies (You’ve Turned This House Into A House Of…)’, evolves into controlled chaos, with repetitive lyrics ending in fortifying screams that carry over into ‘You Did This To Me’.  The EP ends with ‘Target Practice’, a ruthless track with pounding pace.

‘The Hate Tape’ is a short exhibit of what MISERY ADDICT have to offer, just enough to have your head banging along, without leaving too much of a headache or an impact.


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