Me Vs Hero – Days That Shape Our Lives

By Andy

The debut album from Me Vs Hero opens with a punch from single ‘Can you Count Suckers?’ and is an unstoppable blend of pop-punk and hardcore. There have been a lot of high expectations for this debut and it’s clear from the start that blood, sweat and tears have gone into this album and that attention has been paid to even the smallest detail.

With a good amount of angst the first half of the album rushes past at a ferocious pace, mixing gang vocals, tempo changes and belting rhythms with tracks running into each other with ease. Several of the tracks are from the previous EP release ‘This One’s For Our Friend’ however they seem to have been re-recorded and the quality has noticeably improved.

The pace is slowed for ‘A Loss In the Ranks’ which is an absolutely heartbreaking track, filled with emotion and passion demonstrating a very different side to Me Vs Hero and is surely a tribute to lost band member Alex. The mayhem recommences with ‘What Seems to be the Officer, Problem,’ which again exudes pop punk influences and well blended vocals which will no doubt be sing-a-longs at their upcoming tour. The album closes with ‘We’re Not Going Home (We Don’t Care What Time It Is)’ which is a clear statement that these boys are here to stay.

Days That Shape our Lives doesn’t really push any boundaries and stays safely within it’s genre. It’s a little like Set Your Goals with a hint of A Day to Remember in the guitars and is at times a little predictable. However Me Vs Hero aren’t pretending to be something they’re not, and what they do, they do well. This is infectious, fast paced and as catchy as hell.


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