Martha – ‘Courting Strong’

By Maryam Hassan

If you’re familiar with any of Martha’s previous offerings you would be expecting infectious power pop – ‘Courting Strong’ certainly delivers its fair share and then some.

Right from the off Martha hit us with punchy tunes and memorable lyrics. Firstly documenting teenage angst- whether it be the woes of being an outcast loner that are described in ‘Cosmic Misery’ or the misfortune of not only having to sit GCSE’s, but to also be a lovesick schmuck, as chronicled in ‘1997, Passing in the Hallway’.

The record takes a little dip towards the middle, but even the less memorable tracks such as ‘Present, Tense’ and ‘Dust, Juice, Bones & Hair’ have something to offer in terms of creative and tuneful melodies.

It would be wrong to attempt to try and discount Martha with the label of ‘cheerful pop’ when the band deliver much more than that. Towards the last third of the record things take a slower pace and the heartfelt lyrics and stylish yet simple melodies of ‘Gin and Listerine’ cement this is as an incredible record. Overall ‘Courting Strong’ is an impressive record, well worth a listen if guitar driven pop is your thing.


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