Lower Than Atlantis – World Record

By Andy

It’s bit difficult to know what to do with LOWER THAN ATLANTIS. They’re in that awkward post-rock/hardcore mid-ground and until now, which way they really wanted to lean has been anyone’s guess. The band have largely rolled off the pace since their last album ‘Far Q’ (especially with ‘Another Sad Song’) and it’d appear that they’d favour their chances at being ‘heavy punk’ rather than ‘punky hardcore’.

Initially, ‘World Record’ seems to stumble from one track into the next, but patience prevails and it becomes much more rewarding after a few listens. Vocalist Mike Duce has the same accessible charm in his lyrics and delivery that worked so well for bands like Blakfish and keeping things honest and unfettered by bullshit analogy lends itself to the ‘Britishness’ that the band exude so well.

Opener ‘(Motor) Way Of Life’, ‘Bug’ and ‘Deadliest Catch’ are the stand out tracks, but if Lower Than Atlantis have caught your ear before, it’s a record with little filler and plenty to like. The instrumental work is impressive yet understated and it’s a solid second album from one of the UK’s favourite upcoming bunch of lads on tour.


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