Let’s Talk Daggers – ‘Fantastic Contraption’

By Clara Cullen

With angular riffs and explosive vocals Let’s Talk Daggers tear at the hardcore scene with uncompromising ferocity. Having toured with Your Demise, Letlive and Lower Than Atlantis, they are swiftly establishing themselves as serious players on the live circuit.  Recently they entered the studio with The James Cleaver Quintet’s Martin Ruffin to record ‘Fantastic Contraption’ a mini-album that is harsh, glitchy and thoroughly exciting.

Blitzing through 7 tracks with the energy of a deranged psychopath, Let’s Talk Daggers create songs that are out of the ordinary, reaching beyond simple hardcore, to culminate in an almighty racket, a cacophony of spite and ideas that bounce of each other with impatient intensity.

‘Fantastic Contraption’ is a chaotic listen; the technical brilliance of this trio is exhilarating, for a band so young in their inception, this raw talent is extremely promising. Though, the album for all its great qualities is an all-out assault on the senses, restless and relentless ‘Fantastic Contraption’ leaves no room for the listener to breath. With the volume turned up to 11 and their aim to bludgeon your ears thoroughly met ‘Fantastic Contraption’ is not a record for the faint hearted. While there are moments of relative tunefulness, such as on the intro of ‘Humannequin, these quickly dissipate as Let’s Talk Daggers  return to brutal speed and guttural yelps.  For some this intensity will prove too much, too harsh, but for fans of  The Dillinger Escape Plan and early Cancer Bats, Let’s Talk Daggers will attract keen interest.

They may be newcomers but their injection of character will carry them  far beyond dingy clubs to the large stages of packed festival crowds. With unbending harshness and quirky technical skill, Let’s Talk Daggers impress and terrify in equal measure. A band not be messed with or missed.


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