Kevin Devine – Between The Concrete And Clouds

By Tom Aylott

KEVIN DIVINE has returned with ‘Between The Concrete and Clouds’, his latest album of folk lead, Brooklyn inspired musings on the woes of life and love.

Sliding in neatly adjacent to techy-indie, the singer songwriter’s brand of guitar folk-pop is a dreamy little sleepwalk to that tuneful spot away from the angry, screaming young ones; sometimes we all need saving from white noise and Kevin Devine is the tonic for what ails your wearying ears.

‘Off-Screen’ and ‘Sleepwalking’ lay way for Devine’s distinctive voice and approach to crafting his songs that smacks of his NYC background, and even with his ten track pop-tasm, there is something indelibly ethereal about this sphere of work. ’11-17′ drops tempo just in time for ‘Wait Out The Wreck’ and ‘The City Has Left You’ to burst in with a set of Rainbow Bright hues.

Possibly not the definition of a genre, and nothing terribly boundary breaking coming to fruition, but ‘Between The Concrete and Clouds’ is nothing if not very pleasant. However, if the likes of Ryan Adams, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bob Dylan and Suede fill you with terror, this probably isn’t up your alley.


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