Jet Fuel Chemistry – ‘Sign Of The Times’

By Dave Stewart

Dublin based rock and metal newcomers Jet Fuel Chemistry are bursting out of their indie-heavy scene to bring ‘Sign Of The Times’ to your attention, a raucous and stirring EP crammed full of anthemic alternative rock and hard-hitting modern metalcore. If ballsy riffs, unfiltered aggression, infectious melodies and rousing lyrics are your thing, these five tracks may well tickle your fancy.

Opening track and first single ‘War’ is a loud and riotous mission statement, perfectly introducing you to the band and exactly what to expect from this EP. Groovy impactful riffs, infectious hooks and hard hitting delivery all join forces to hit you in all your most tender areas with no intention of letting off until the EP comes to a close. ’Sleep’ boasts tonnes of While She Sleeps-like qualities, especially in the fast-paced and unforgiving verses. The chorus mirrors those vibes too, marrying thick and meaty guitars with anthemic vocals to surge goosebumps across your skin. If these two tracks haven’t done anything for you yet, the three that follow it surely will.

Title track ‘Sign Of The Times’ opens with an excerpt from the now famous speech of Greta Thunberg, a poignant and powerful quote that aligns with the songs lyrical content. The music that follows it sees them channel their inner Bring Me The Horizon, infusing elements of doom and gloom together with elating melodies and riffs thunderous enough to rattle your ribcage. The pace changes a little with ‘Fever’, unleashing a barrage of southern rock and roll swagger to get your head bobbing and your blood pumping in preparation for some gigantic and unforgettable vocals. Closing the EP out is ‘Use Your Eyes’, a formidable and fitting finale. One of the strongest songs on the record, the verses creep along like vines before bursting into bloom for the choruses, constantly toying with dynamics to make every punch connect with full force.

This EP isn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it does showcase a band with a lot to offer the scene. There are some very full bags of potential on display here, and they’ve flexed all of their muscles to pry them open. Some of the riffs feel a tad repetitive and predictable on occasion but the way the songs are built as a whole shows real promise. The way they build towards chorus sections with melody and momentum is a prime example of that. The resulting choruses are all gigantic and act, as they should, as the centrepieces to each track. They elevate each song to dazzling heights with impactful chord progressions, impressive vocal gymnastics and catchy, memorable melodies.

Considering this was entirely recorded and produced in a bedroom for almost zero cost, it sounds very professional. Just imagine what their future could hold. This is an impressive offering with the potential to open some big doors to some very lucrative places. They have all the tools to make some waves and turn some heads and, if this EP is anything to go by, they’re already pretty proficient with using them. A name to keep an eye out for? Only time will tell, but this is certainly an incredibly good first step into their future.


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