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From Friday 10 May 2024

Like Moths To Flames – ‘The Cycles Of Trying To Cope’

Metalcore mainstays Like Moths To Flames have always been in touch with their emotions, willing to put all their turmoil on display and more than capable at conveying it in a way that’s both sincere and sonically impactful. Vocalist Chris Roetter always approaches his writing honestly, not just acknowledging

Saturday 06 April 2024

LIVE: August Burns Red / Dying Wish / thrown @ Electric Ballroom, London

If you’re a fan of metalcore and have been for many a year, then this line up is absolutely unmissable. There’s tonnes of good bills that go on the road but for the metalcore-obsessed, this particular tour is something else. Featuring an up-and-comer, a breakthrough act and a legend

Friday 15 March 2024

Gouge Away – ‘Deep Sage’

If you’re connected to music in any way, either a performer, behind the scenes industry member or just a devoted fan, the pandemic sucked. The world completely stopped, recording processes were halted, touring plans dissolved, any hype or trajectory plateaued. For the fans, it was a frustratingly long waiting

Friday 31 March 2023

Bury Tomorrow – ‘The Seventh Sun’

A few years ago, the Bury Tomorrow camp was rocked when founding member and singer Jason Cameron announced he was stepping back from the band. Losing members is tough for any band to endure, but when that person has been there’s from the very beginning and is

Friday 24 March 2023

Fall Out Boy – ‘So Much (For) Stardust’

There are few bands that have such a huge grasp on an entire generational movement quite like Fall Out Boy does. If you were ever an emo kid, either way back in the 00’s or in the last decade, the likelihood of this band having been an uncontrollable obsession

Thursday 09 March 2023

Periphery – ‘V: Djent Is Not A Genre’

Ever since their humble beginnings almost two decades ago, Periphery have been pushing, bending, stretching and smashing genre boundaries into a sound that is musically technical and seriously crushing, but also bright, colourful and at times, eclectic. As time progressed, that cocktail ended up being given a name –

Wednesday 01 March 2023

LIVE: Rolo Tomassi / Holy Fawn / Heriot @ Electric Ballroom, London

Rolo Tomassi are one of the most under-appreciated bands in the UK scene, and it’s something that makes their fervent fan base feel both furious and quietly proud that they’re still a secret of sorts. A poorly kept one at this point, sure – tonight’s show is a testament

Tuesday 14 February 2023

Pierce The Veil – ‘The Jaws Of Life’

Pierce The Veil; it’s been a while, hasn’t it? The platinum-selling post-hardcore powerhouse released their last album ‘Misadventures’ in 2016, the release and touring cycle of which was followed by an extended period of inactivity. That time and distance drove a wedge in between the band, but despite all

Thursday 02 February 2023

LIVE: Sleep Token, Northlane @ Eventim Apollo, London

Tonight almost didn’t happen…  For anyone unaware, mysterious genre-bending band Sleep Token had been building towards their Brixton Academy moment for a quite some time – something countless bands and artists strive to reach – after announcing a headline UK run towards the end of 2022. After

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Win a very special Jamie Lenman item and limited edition vinyl

It’s no secret that we love Jamie Lenman here at Punktastic. We’ve swooned over his albums, we’ve lost our minds at his shows, we’ve collaborated and designed merchandise together, and now we’re joining forces once more for something pretty darn special. Celebrating the release of Lenman’s brand new album